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CHARACTERISTICS GENERAL MIDI STANDARD SYSTEM TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS - WELL PROVEN solid state contact system. - BELLOWS DYNAMICS for R.H and L.H. - Transmits on all 16 MIDI channels. - Can memorize up to 150 Performances, with a DIFFERENT MIDI channel each section, 150 Global A, 150 Global B. - The MIDI channel of any section can be set to 'OFF'. - Two polyphonic channels for the Right Hand and Chords, one of which can be mono. - PROGRAM CHANGE 'OFF' control. - Sound banks can be selected by GENERAL MIDI commands. - PLAY function with 6 groups of 25 performances each. - Volume control for Right hand with Volume pedal. - Value ± for Program Changes, Performances and Global A and B. - EXIT, RIGHT OFF, VOLUME ±, Control keys Block/Unblock functions. - SONG PLAY, SONG SELECT functions, ARRANGEMENTS VOLUME ± (System Exclusive Code). - SAVE/LOAD function. - DUMP OUT/DUMP IN function. - PARAMETERS MIDI channel, OCTAVE ± 3, Keyb. SPLIT, SUSTAIN, POLY/MONO option, MIN. Value Dyn. Expression, Bellows SPEED settings, Note VELOCITY, AFTERTOUCH, START/STOP, EFFECT controller, TEMPO, CC0 and CC32 control. - PITCH BEND function (optional)

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