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CHARACTERISTICS - The MUSIC MAKER is the most complete system for the accordionist who is looking for a solution with both internal sounds and Preset Performances as well as control for external MIDI expanders and other equipment. - The MUSIC MAKER uses the world famous Q-Select MIDI System and programmable features coupled with an internal Sound Card incorporating high quality digitally sampled sounds. - The sounds have been specially selected with all kinds of music in mind, therefore providing a valid backup to working accordionists. - The contact systems are the same as the Q-Select which use solid state devices. - There are 50 different Preset Performances already memorized in the 'Flash memory' all using digitally sampled sounds, of which 25 are accordions unrivalled in their sound quality and reality. - All Preset Performances can be reprogrammed to choice by the user. - Astonishingly sensitive Dynamic Bellows Expression which adds that little bit of luxury for the really selective player. - Control of external MIDI devices by means of the MIDI Out control facility offers even more flexibilty in the sound combinations and arrangements. - The MUSIC MAKER can be fitted in any type of accordion or diatonic, whether traditional or reedless The MUSIC MAKER maintains the same characteristics as the Q-Select therefore for all reprogramming of the performances both in the Internal Sound Module and in up to three external expanders the instructions contained in the Q-Select Operating Manual should be followed.

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